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Why Do You Need Startup Agreements?

Startups are vital for a country’s economic ecosystem. We understand how memorable all the firsts are in your business — the time you got your funding or when your product is commercially ready or your first sale. There are so many defining moments that make you say, “I made it!”

Each of these activities requires business contracts backing them. The moment you initiate discussions for any relationship, you need to plan for an agreement.

As a new entrepreneur, navigating the legal waters can be tedious, especially when you don’t know what clauses to include in the contract you are drafting. Even if you have an agreement, getting the T&Cs checked for legal validity is essential. Without a contract, there is a possibility of non-performance.

“You need to get the T&Cs of your contract checked to minimize non-performance of your contract.”

Our agreements combine a wealth of legal knowledge with deep-research that ensures you have all the contracts you need. Our products cater to all your business-related requirements. In drafting agreements, when you buy the templates, you don’t need to worry about traffic-light reviews of the terms of your contract because we have ensured its quality.

“When you have high-stakes agreements to be made, you can’t afford to make mistakes. When you purchase our agreement templates, you can be assured you have your interests protected.”

Why Are Startup Agreements Important?

An agreement makes your intentions clear and helps in outlining the other party’s responsibilities in the relationship. As a budding business owner, you have a lot of high-stakes decisions to make.

You need to employ staff, set up infrastructure, identify distributors and customer market. All of these decisions take a considerable marketing effort and require pouring in a lot of resources. When you are stretched on funds, you can’t afford to divert them in drafting contracts through attorneys. 

Our agreement templates have been drafted by a team of professional SMEs and legal experts so we can assure its quality and enforceability. All you’ll need to do is build stakeholder relationships and make it official by filling in the details in our agreement templates.

We have a comprehensive list of contract templates for every business relationship that you can buy. On the other hand, if you need just one contract, you can buy that also. Some of the agreement templates that we offer in the package are:

  • Incorporation and formation including certificate of incorporation, corporate governance, corporate bylaws LLPs and silent partnerships
  • Investment and loan including Business loans, convertible loans and debentures, funding and investment, bonds and warrants, promissory notes, security agreements, and subscription agreements
  • Equity including conversion note, pledge, equity participation plan, and equity purchase agreements
  • Business property including industrial lease, buy & sell contracts, and asset purchase agreements
  • Partnership agreements including an agreement for LLP, application service provider, and intercompany and business separation agreements
  • Stock agreements including stockholders and stock transfer agreements, foreign subsidiary stock pledge, and founders’ restricted stock purchase agreements
  • Employee agreements, including corporate stock incentives, directors’ deferred stock, employee stock purchase, equity accumulation, restricted stock, and stock grant, option, and plan agreements.
  • Patents, license, and copyright agreements including copyright collateral and license, patent and trademark assignment, proprietary information, technology transfer, and trademark assignment and license agreement.

When you buy our templates, you get all the clauses you’ll need to structure your stakeholder relationships. Our quality templates can help you navigate the complexities in designing a business framework.

When you have high-stakes agreements to make, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Instead of spending valuable man-hours in drafting agreements you’re not sure of, buy our templates

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  1. Agreement on the Formation of a Silent Partnership
  2. Certificate of Incorporation Agreement
  3. Corporate Bylaws Agreement
  4. Corporate Governance Agreement
  5. Corporate Governance Charter Agreement
  6. Formation of Limited Liability Company Agreement
  1. Business Loan Agreement
  2. Conversion of Debenture Agreement
  3. Convertible Loan Agreement
  4. Debenture Agreement
  5. Funding Agreement
  6. Investment Agreement
  7. Investor Rights Agreement
  8. Promissory Note Conversion Agreement
  9. Subscription Agreement
  10. Warrant Agreement
  11. Bond Purchase Agreement
  12. Security Agreement
  1. Equity Conversion Note Agreement
  2. Equity Funding Pledge Agreement
  3. Equity Participation Plan Agreement
  4. Equity Purchase Agreement
  1. Standard Industrial Commercial Single Tenant Lease
  2. Buy Sell Agreement
  3. Asset Purchase Agreement
  1. Agreement of Limited Partnership
  2. Application Service Provider Partner Agreement
  3. Intercompany Agreement
  4. Business Separation Agreement
  1. Foreign Subsidiary Stock Pledge Agreement
  2. Founder’s Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement
  3. Stock Transfer Agreement
  4. Stockholders Agreement
  1. Corporation Stock Incentive Plan Agreement
  2. Directors Deferred Stock Plan Agreement
  3. Employee Stock Purchase Program Agreement
  4. Equity Accumulation Plan Agreement
  5. Equity Incentive Plan Agreement
  6. Incentive Stock Options
  7. Non-Qualified Stock Option Agreement
  8. Restricted Stock Agreement
  9. Restricted Stock Award Agreement
  10. Stock Grant Agreement
  11. Stock Option Agreement
  12. Stock Plan Agreement
  1. Copyright Collateral Agreement
  2. Copyright License Agreement
  3. Patent and Trademark Collateral Assignment
  4. Patent Assignment Agreement
  5. Patent Collateral Agreement
  6. Patent License Agreement
  7. Proprietary Information Agreement
  8. Technology Transfer Agreement
  9. Trademark Assignment Agreement
  10. Trademark License Agreement
  1. Form of Restated Cert Agreement

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