“Our Agreement Templates bring professional expertise in leases to drafting thoroughly-researched lease agreements that cover the full scope of tenancy laws.”

Why is a Rental Lease Agreement Required?

A real estate agreement is the cornerstone on which landlord-tenant relationships are built. A rental lease agreement defines the terms of the tenancy. Whether as a tenant or a landlord, when you’re leasing a property, drafting a contract is essential.

A rental agreement identifies the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of the landlord and the tenant. As a landlord, the leased property is your primary source of revenue. Leasing it to someone else means shouldering the uncertainty of its maintenance and condition

As a landlord, the goal is to minimize contractual responsibilities and liabilities but maximize rental income. As a tenant, the aim is to pay low rent while making the landlord responsible for maintenance activities. That is why, for a compromise, a rental lease agreement is needed.

“A rental lease agreement assigns the rights and responsibilities between the parties for a good relationship between the landlord and the tenant, and easy conflict resolution.”

Our agreement templates combine years of accrued knowledge with the relevant industry experience in drafting the contracts, whether it is residential lease agreements or commercial lease agreements.

When you purchase our lease contract templates, you get the best in quality and expertise; one where all your interests are protected. All that is left to do is to focus on, as a tenant, is to find the best property and, as a landlord, to sell the property at the highest price possible.

Why are Rental Lease Agreements Important?

Lease agreements ensure both parties understand the other’s expectations. It outlines the performance obligations under the contract clearly to reduce conflicts. While the enforceability of the specific provisions of the agreement depends on the relationship between the tenant and the landlord, it offers a backdoor in case disputes arise. But why leave things to uncertain vicissitudes, right?

“When long term commitments are involved, with limited opportunity costs, you can’t afford to slip up on lease agreements. You can sit back after purchasing our templates because we’ve included all the relevant clauses.”

While you focus on developing a good rapport with the landlord, we’ll focus on writing up a contract that can offer functional grievance redressal mechanisms. Our templates combine a wealthy compendium of knowledge with years of industry experience.

The clauses we’ve included in the rental lease agreement template assist in minimal resistance from either party in signing on the contract. When drafting contracts becomes that easy, all you have to focus on is clinching that deal.

We offer a bundle of templates that cover all the requirements, whether it is for a residential lease agreement or commercial lease agreement. You can purchase the entire package for use.

If you only need templates for specific rental lease agreements, we also offer that. We are confident that you’ll find what you need from our industry-best templates. Our product package includes

  • Commercial lease agreement including standard industrial multi-tenant or single-tenant lease and sublease agreement, hotel operating and pool agreement, and federal coal, oil and gas lease agreements.
  • Rental lease agreements including printable basic lease agreements, build-to-suit agreements, lease guarantee and assignment of lease, fixture filing and floor lease agreements, lease guarantee and assignment, and second assignment of the sublease agreement
  • State-specific leases across 47 states in the USA
  • Lease termination agreements.

After purchasing our templates, all the clauses will be ready and at your hand for developing a healthy relationship with the landlord or the tenant.

Our product T&Cs have been written by SMEs and proof-read by industry experts, so you don’t have to spend valuable resources blocked in legal hours. When long-term commitments that have severe ramifications for breach are involved, slip-ups can be dangerous.

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  31. New York Lease Agreement
  32. North Carolina Lease Agreement
  33. Ohio Lease Agreement
  34. Oklahoma Lease Agreement
  35. Pennsylvania Lease Agreement
  36. South Carolina Lease Agreement
  37. Tennessee Lease Agreement
  38. Texas Lease Agreement
  39. Utah Lease Agreement
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  1. Agreement For Termination of Lease

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