“Our agreement templates use rich experience and expert legal knowledge to create contracts that not only comply with the labor laws but are easy to use.”

Why are Employee contracts Important?

For many emerging companies, the use and dissemination of intellectual property are crucial to their success. When employees handle operations, the need to set up a framework for the job becomes essential. The relations with the internal and external stakeholders depend on how well-drafted and progressive human resource policies are.

Drafting employee contracts can be a daunting task because the ramifications can culminate in an expensive lawsuit. Employee litigations are costly, distracting, and disruptive to the process. There are no guidelines as to when employee contracts are needed. Some companies choose to have at-will structures. But employee agreements can offer job security to the employees, and a definite scope of performance to enforce for the employers.

“Employee agreements identify the rights and duties of the employee while giving him job security. They also protect the interests of the employer and prevent costly breaches of contract.”

There is no employee contract law for a universal format for the agreement. It depends on the organization’s goal. At the base of it, employee agreements help in conducting background checks and generally verifying that the employee is who he represents. Our agreement templates are a culmination of all the essential clauses that you need to include in the employee agreements.

Higher up the ladder, the need to protect proprietary information becomes essential. Our non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements are airtight to protect the company’s interests. You not only get the best quality in the industry, but you also get those clauses drafted by industry experts that are most relevant to the organization.

“When you have trade secrets and business in the fray, you can’t afford to be lax with the employees. Any activity not mutually agreed upon is a possible gain for the competitors. With our employee agreements, you get the best contracts that protect the company’s interests.”

When Are Employee Agreements Required?

Asking an employee to sign a contract is a delicate issue to tackle. Any new resource that joins the office does not like to be bombarded with technical jargon.

Ideally, before you ask the employee to sign on a contract, you have to explain the expectations from the JD. With our contract templates, you have a quality reference to fall back on for any reservations the employee might have. 

When you buy our templates, you get agreements that have considered all possible needs because our industry experts understand the requirements. We offer a bundle of templates that not only cover the full scope of federal and state laws but comply with any acts that govern employees. You can purchase the entire package, for all agreements, just a print away. 

However, we offer individual employee contract sample templates as well. We are sure that our unmatched-quality templates will be the right purchase for the company’s employee agreement needs. Our product package includes all types of employment contracts

  • Employee stock agreements including corporate stock incentive plans, directors deferred stock, employee savings and stock ownership, employee stock purchase agreements and equity accumulation plans
  • Employee Incentive plans including Equity participation, incentive stock options, restricted stock agreement, stock appreciation rights, and stock grant and options plans
  • Technology transfer licensing agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreement along with non compete agreement and proprietary information agreement
  • Human resources contracts including employee matters, indemnification, offer letters and resignation letters, relocation and retention plans, severance and separation agreements, deferred compensation, and termination agreements.
  • Business agreements including collective bargaining and custodial agreements, dealer managers agreement and invention agreement, labor and management agreements, and secondment and corporate travel agreements.
  • Bonus agreements and key executive retention bonus agreement
  • Agreements for directors including change in control, deferred compensation and management plan, retirement plans, executive cooperation, employment, and severance agreements, non-employee directors benefit programs.
  • Retirement agreements, including post-retirement death benefits, thrift plans, supplemental retirement, and savings plan.

As a company, the recruitment process needs to be robust enough to maintain good employee relationships. The real question is how to implement a company-wide policy while compromising to accommodate the needs of the individual employee. 

When you purchase our templates, you get all the contracts required to align an employee with organizational expectations. That way, all you can focus on strengthening corporate policies for improving employee engagement. When trade secrets are involved, you can’t skimp on contracts for talent retention.

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  1. Corporation Stock Incentive Plan Agreement
  2. Directors Deferred Stock Plan Agreement
  3. Employee Savings and Stock Ownership Plan Agreement
  4. Employee Stock Purchase Program Agreement
  5. Equity Accumulation Plan Agreement
  6. Equity Incentive Plan Agreement
  7. Equity Participation Plan Agreement
  8. Incentive Stock Options
  9. Non-Qualified Stock Option Agreement
  10. Restricted Stock Agreement
  11. Stock Appreciation Rights Agreement
  12. Stock Grant Agreement
  13. Stock Option Agreement
  14. Stock Plan Agreement
  1. Technology Transfer Agreement
  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  2. Non-Compete Agreement
  3. Proprietary Information Agreement
  1. Employment Contract
  2. Employee Matters Agreement
  3. Indemnification Agreement
  4. Offer Letter
  5. Relocation Agreements
  6. Resignation Agreement
  7. Retention Agreement
  8. Severance Agreement and Separation Agreement
  9. Severance Agreement and General Release
  10. Special termination plan
  11. Deferred Compensation Agreement
  1. Collective Bargaining Agreement
  2. Custodial Agreement
  3. Dealer Managers Agreement
  4. Invention Agreement
  5. Labor Agreement
  6. Management Agreement
  7. Secondment Agreement
  8. Corporate Travel Agreement
  1. Benefit Plan Agreement
  2. Deferred Compensation Plan Agreement
  3. Pension Equalization Plan Agreement
  4. Retirement Plan Agreement
  5. Severance Plan Agreement
  1. Bonus Agreement
  2. Key Executive Retention Bonus Agreement
  1. Change in Control Agreement
  2. Deferred Compensation Plan for Selected Officers Agreement
  3. Deferred Management Incentive Agreement
  4. Director Agreement
  5. Director Compensation Plan Agreement
  6. Directors Deferred Compensation Plan Agreement
  7. Directors Retirement Plan Agreement
  8. Executive Cooperation Agreement
  9. Executive Employment Agreement
  10. Executive Severance Agreement
  11. Non-Employee Directors Benefit Plans Trust Agreement
  1. Elective Deferred Compensation Plan Agreement
  2. Incentive Plan Agreement
  3. Management Incentive Compensation Plan
  4. Supplemental Retirement Plan
  5. Supplemental Savings Incentive Plan
  1. Retirement Agreement
  2. Post Retirement Death Benefit Agreement
  3. Thrift Plan

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