“Our Agreement Templates ensure that your partnership agreements add value to your business by combining subject-matter expertise with practical experience in the full scope of business laws.”

Why Are Business Agreements Important?

Verbal agreements open up a possibility of manipulation of the terms agreed upon by the parties. When a business is doing well, parties can try to reap unearned benefits, and when the company is doing poorly, they may try to shift the liability. Written contract based business for any of your partnership agreements can help all the parties be clear on the expectations from the partnership. 

Preparing written contracts is purely a voluntary option. If the transacting parties have a good relationship, writing up contracts may sour that relationship. However, the more the risk, the higher is the need for a written agreement to ensure.

Well-written contracts highlight the number of additional factors that you need to consider when preparing engagements. A written agreement need not sour your relationships with your stakeholders. It can help in establishing clarity on the nature of business transactions.

“While trust and good relationships are important in business relationships, they are not a substitute for a written agreement.”

 Negotiating a favorable deal needs you to put in a lot of effort. Far be it for us to tell you the time and resources that go into closing a beneficial deal.

Because both parties have already agreed upon all the terms, you wouldn’t want to spend on drafting contracts. Besides, developing a legally enforceable contract requires the help of a legal professional, which is additional money spent.

The best option here is to buy our business contact templates. Our team of experts have written these up so you won’t have to worry about the fine print. When you purchase our templates, you can ease back on the stress of preparing contracts that include all your agreed-upon terms.

Our templates combine a wealth of legal knowledge with an in-depth experience of the market; therefore they include all the clauses you’d need. All you have to do is fill in your details

“When you have complex business relationships to be structured, you can’t afford to draft a loose contract. Purchase our templates today so that you can be sure your contract accurately represents your interests.”

When Do You Need Business Contracts?

A simple answer to that is the moment you agreed on the terms. Handshake deals, while useful in good-faith relationships, can be prone to the errors of the human mind. An oral agreement could result in non-performance of contractual obligations. If a trusted in-good-faith party reneges on the verbal agreement, you will have to indulge in extensive negotiation and litigation. 

A written agreement prevents the other parties from undermining your chances of success. That means that your contracts have to be airtight. Instead of drafting an agreement with loopholes, the other party can take advantage of; you can purchase our templates. With certified quality, our contracts are airtight and ensure that your interests are protected.

Besides, having a written agreement ensures that you save up on litigation costs down the line. Even if your dispute goes for litigation, your contract will be the binding evidence for deciding the output. There are several types of contracts in business and our bundle of templates gives you all the contracts required to start a business. Some of the products that we offer are

  • Business partnership agreements including an agreement for LLP, formation and separation, including a sale of business contract, or structuring, contiguous market ownership, restructuring operations, exclusive business cooperation, and dissolution agreements
  • Collateral agreements including split-dollar collateral, promissory note, and copyright collateral, and fixed asset revolving facility and collateral assignment
  • Purchase & Sale agreements including business development agreements
  • Sharing and alliance agreements including cooperation and collaboration agreements, and franchise and technological cooperation agreements
  • Employee-related contracts including executive cooperation, employee stock purchase and ownership, and corporate travel agreement
  • Directors agreement, including compensation plan, deferred compensation, and retirement plans, non-employee director compensation, and charitable award plan agreements.
  • Service agreements including the global scope of work, intercompany services, admin credit services, internet advertising, and website construction, and master consulting and distribution service agreements
  • NDA agreements including non-compete agreements
  • Shareholder agreements, including credit and share pledge, and share entrustment agreements.

The volume of your business can create a possibility that you’ll slip up on a clause in the contract. Any mistakes made there can result in the loss of significant revenue. When you buy our templates, you won’t have to worry about that because each template is prepared after due diligence. We ensure that our agreements stand the test of law and represent your interests well.

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  1. Partnership Agreement
  2. Agreement of Limited Partnership
  3. Formation and Exchange Agreement
  4. Corporate Contract
  5. Formation and Separation Agreement
  6. Formation and Structuring Agreement
  7. Contiguous Market Ownership Areas Formation Agreement
  8. Partnership Restructuring Agreement
  9. Agreement on the Formation of a Silent Partnership
  10. Exclusive Business Cooperation Agreement
  1. Split Dollar Collateral Agreement
  2. Promissory Note with Collateral Agreement
  3. Copyright Collateral Agreement
  4. Fixed Asset Revolving Facility Guarantee and Collateral Agreement
  1. Formation and Purchase Agreement
  2. Buy Sell Agreement
  1. Cooperation Agreement
  2. Collaboration Agreement
  3. Franchise Agreement
  4. Technology Cooperation Agreement
  1. Executive Cooperation Agreement
  2. Employee Matters Agreement
  3. Employee Stock Purchase Program Agreement
  4. Employee Savings and Stock Ownership Plan Agreement
  5. Corporate Travel Agreement
  1. Director Designation Agreement
  2. Director Agreement
  3. Director Compensation Plan Agreement
  4. Directors Deferred Compensation Plan Agreement
  5. Directors Retirement Plan Agreement
  6. Non-Employee Directors Benefit Plans Trust Agreement
  7. Directors Charitable Award Plan Agreement
  8. Directors Deferred Stock Plan Agreement
  9. Martin Marietta Directors Charitable Award Plan
  10. Director Charitable Award Plan Agreement
  1. Global Scope of Work Agreement for IT Support Services
  2. Intercompany Service Agreement
  3. Software Reseller and Services Agreement
  4. Administrative Services Agreement
  5. Facility Construction Agreement
  6. Administrative Credit Services Agreement
  7. Exclusive Internet Advertising Services Agreement
  8. Master Consulting Service Agreement
  9. Distribution Service Agreement
  10. Website Construction Service Agreement
  11. Formation and Performance Agreement
  12. Infoseek Corporation Advertising Agreement
  1. Limited Noncompetition Agreement
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  3. Non-Compete Agreement
  1. Shareholder Agreement
  2. Shareholders Rights Agreement
  3. Credit and Share Pledge Agreement
  4. Share Entrustment Agreement
  5. Share Purchase Agreement
  6. Share Transfer and Debt Restructuring agreement

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